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Raid your closet or a thrift store for comfortable, colour coordinated clothes. Go for solid, bright colours and clothes that fit tight to the body. Cleaning Smelly Tennis ShoesYour shoes could be smelling bad because they have not been cleaned for a long time! So, get hold of soap, lukewarm water, a soft bristled brush and start washing your shoes. First of all, take out the shoe laces. Many people hold fulltime positions that require a significant amount of standing. Unless you sit at a computer for eight hours a day, comfort should be a priority when it comes to choosing footwear. Imagine hundreds of thousands of runners, from every walk of life, every skill level, around the globe, running a 10K (6.2 miles) at the same time. In 2008, Nike hosted Golden Goose the Earth's largest oneday running event with its inaugural Nike+ Human Race. As "Consumer Reports" explains, walking shoes are tailored for people who either walk for fitness or simply need a comfortable and casual shoe for everyday activities. The shoes should offer sufficient cushioning to be comfortable and a flexible sole that lets your foot roll easily from the toes to the heels. The perfect pair of shoes should fit like a glove. There should be no movement inside the shoe, and you shouldn't have to modify your foot or the shoe to make the relationship work. She kept showing me all these neat craft ideas shoe boxes covered in wrapping paper hung on walls, stenciled designs for the laundry room. And true its cool to see my wife walking the purse around with the flap down and the LCD playing through. 



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